The Role of Governors

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Core functions of the Governing Board
Strategic Direction
Bishop Perrin’s Governing Board helps to set the vision,  ethos and aims of our School. This means that we agree, together with our School’s Senior leadership team, a clear vision for the future, ensuring pupil progress and achievement are at the heart of everything we do. 

We make sure that there is a strategy in place to achieve our vision, with defined, stretching objectives . Alongside the Senior Leadership Team, we set the key priorities for our  School, closely monitoring progress against objectives and providing robust challenge where improvement  is needed. The Governing Board approves policies and plans devised by the School to achieve our aims, questioning and refining any proposals as required.

The Governing Board is also responsible for making sure our School has effective safeguarding policies and procedures in place and for keeping abreast of Government guidance on what arrangements we must make to safeguard and promote the welfare of each pupil at Bishop Perrin. We therefore have a Governor with particular responsibility for safeguarding at our School.

 The Senior Leadership Team at Bishop Perrin is accountable to the Governing Board and reports regularly to us on performance and progress. We provide a careful balance of challenge and support, recognising our School’s many strengths and holding our Senior Leadership team to account for managing those areas which need improvement.
We do not rely solely on the information provided to us by the Senior Leadership team to monitor how our School is doing. We refer to various sources of local and national objective data and information as well as carrying our Governor walks and visits to sense check the information we are provided by our Senior Leaders and to enable us to ask more searching and informed questions of our School.

Financial Management

The Governing Board oversees the financial performance of Bishop Perrin School, and makes sure the funding the School receives via the Local Authority is well spent. We make sure that the allocation of money and resources directly supports  the School’s vision and attainment of our key priorities, and that the budget set each year takes account of medium and long term goals.

We are always working with our Senior Leaders to find ways to achieve better value for money and have Governors with specific experience of financial matters to enable us to do this.



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