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Governing Board Meetings

The Full Governing Board meets six times each year. The minutes from these meetings are published on the website in the Governor section.

Each Governor takes on responsibilities linked to school improvement and school accountability. Examples of these responsibilities include; Safegaurding, Health and Safety, Curriculum, Budget Monitoring, Parental Engagement and Governor Training, 

Governors are required to meet with members of school staff who share the same responsibility/responsibilities as them and complete a report that is then shared with the rest of the Governing Body. In most cases, the structure of the meeting with members of staff will focus on gathering evidence to gauge progress against objectives laid out in the school's annual development plan. 

Training for Governors

Each Governor has to undertake mandatory training when they join the Governing Board, and refresh this training regularly throughout their terms. This training is done in Governor’s own time, or as part of extended full Governing Board meetings. We also have a number of Governors with special responsibilities; for example for Pupil Premium, Health and Safety, or Safeguarding, and those Governors undertake extra training to ensure they are equipped to carry out these lead roles. We make sure that we have the right mix of expertise on our Governing Body. We carry out regular skills audits, identifying any training or experience that we are lacking and building capacity to make sure we do our job well.