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Governing Board Meetings The Full Governing Board meets 6 times each year. The minutes from these meetings are published on the website here.

We also have three sub-committees which meet every half term. These committees do the detailed work of the Governing Board, exploring data and information presented to them by staff, and monitoring the School’s performance against its development plans: The Business and Finance Committee looks after the budget, and monitors the financial performance of the School to make sure money is well spent. The Children, Families and Communities Committee  monitors things like Safeguarding and Health and Safety, how the School engages with parents, carers and the wider community through, for example, extra curricular activities.

The Curriculum and Achievement Committee provides close analysis of progress and attainment data to make sure that the School’s strategies to ensure all children achieve their potential is sound.  In addition to these three committees, the Strategic Committee, consisting of the Chair of Governors, the Headteacher, and the Chairs of each sub committee, meets three times each year to discuss any Board related issues and to manage any work that does not fit into the remit of the other committees. The Admissions Committee also meets when required to manage School applications for each academic year. The Terms of Reference for each Committee can be found here. Training for Governors Each Governor has to undertake mandatory training when they join the Governing Board, and refresh this training regularly throughout their terms. This training is done in Governor’s own time, or as part of extended full Governing Board meetings. We also have a number of Governors with special responsibilities; for example for Pupil Premium, Health and Safety, or Safeguarding, and those Governors undertake extra training to ensure they are equipped to carry out these lead roles. We make sure that we have the right mix of expertise on our Governing Body. We carry out regular skills audits, identifying any training or experience that we are lacking and building capacity to make sure we do our job well.