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Due to Government guidance during the academic year 2019/20 linked to the Coronavirus pandemic children in Year 2 and Year 6 did not undertake the national SATs tests.  This is why we do not have any published results for 2019/20.

The Government also informed schools that they were not required to submit results for statutory assessments and tests for the 2020-21 academic year. However, as a school, we carried out in-school end-of-year assessment and tests with the children, using previously published nationally accredited frameworks and tests. Please click on the link below to see our results over the 2017-21 period.

Our Governors are actively involved in monitoring the school’s performance with regards to attainment and progress over the course of each academic year. This involves convening three “Data Impact Group” meetings over the course of the academic year. During the meetings, the Governors approve the school’s end-of-year assessment targets and assess the progress the children make towards the targets after each assessment point during the academic year.

Please click on the link below to see our School Performance Data for 2017-21

Bishop Perrin Data 2017-2021

You can click on the link below to access the school's historical data on the DFE website:

You can search and compare the performance results of other local schools by clicking on the following link: