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Staff Roles and Responsibilities

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We have a very experienced, professional and hardworking team of staff who get to know all the children really well.

Teaching Staff






Mr Adrian Corke (SLT)

Designated Safeguarding Lead and PE Leader

Deputy Headteacher

Miss Rachael Macklearn (SLT)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Literacy Leader, Curriculum Leader and Year 6 Teacher (Fri)

Reception Teacher 

Miss Mary McAvoy (SLT)

Assistant Headteacher, Maths and Assessment Leader

Year 1 Teacher

Miss Eleanor Lang

Phonics Leader

Year 2 Teacher

Ms Ruth Lancaster

Technology Leader (Computing and DT)

Year 3 Teacher

Miss Ashlea Holloway 


Year 4 Teacher

Ms Helen Dovey

Humanities Leader (HD)

Year 5 Teacher

Mrs Jacqueline Place (Tues-Fri)

Miss Rachael Macklearn (Mon)

Arts Leader (Art, Music, Drama) (JP)



Year 6 Teacher

 Miss Jo Sweeney (Mon-Thurs)

Miss Rachael Macklearn (Fri)

Pupil Premium and Science Leader (JS)

Inclusion Leader

Mrs Fiona Twitcher


Intervention Teacher

Mrs Monica Davidan


French Teacher

Mrs Catherine Parke

 MFL Leader

Support Staff

School Business Manager

Mrs Denise Forster (SBT)

Finance, personnel and premises

Administration Officer

Mrs Jill May


Early Years Teaching Assistant

Mrs Angela Vanstone


Welfare Assistant

Mrs Jackie Sandell


Welfare Assistant

Mrs Alison Stock


Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Mrs Jane Keightley

PE Teaching and PE Admin, Breakfast Club Assistant

Teaching Assistants

Mrs Diane Bowe



Mrs Jan Cheriton



Miss Mandy Kaill

Breakfast Club Manager


Mrs Vanessa Rogerson


Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Nuala Carlin-Kelly



Mrs Zaheera Hussein



Mrs Carol Jasper



Mrs Christiana Lambrias



Mrs Ahabun Miah



Mrs Alison Stock


Play Team Leader

Mrs Alison Stock


Play Leader

Mrs Carol Jasper



Mrs Jill Stangroom


Premises Manager

Mr Laurence Kennison