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Bishop Perrin School Association is run by the parents and carers for all of the children at the school.

Our aim
Our aim is to raise funds in an inclusive and fun way so we can provide extra financial assistance that directly benefits the school and children.

How has the School Association benefited the children?
Each year we receive a wish list from the school for items they would like us to purchase for them and financial assistance in other ways to enrich the children’s lives through school.  As an example in 2020 we provided 30 Lenovo Chromebooks with the necessary ancillary to assist with the children's education and learning.  As schools return we hope to continue subsidising school trips so that they are affordable for all children to attned, these trips enhance children’s learning and bring learning to life.

Who we are:

The School Association is jointly chaired by four parents: Rebecca Hards, Laura Burrell, Soraya and Andy Winters.

Other parents have volunteered for the following roles:

Treasurer:  Fiona Gaydon and Assistant Treasurers: Nathalie Rocha
Secretary:  Cathryn Tillekeratne
Charity Team:  Sarah Corney, Rene King, Pavi Chandrasekaran

Plus we have many class reps for each school year.  We also have many parents volunteering at our events…but we always need more as we can’t run the events without help!

Who can get involved?
All parents and carers are encouraged to become involved in the planning and events organised by the School Association.

We welcome your support in the following ways:

  • Taking on a role within the School Association such as future Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Vice Treasurer and Charity Team.
  • Becoming a class representative.
  • Helping out on stalls at our annual summer fair.
  • Working with local businesses to get prizes for charity events.
  • Contributing baked goods for sales.
  • Helping set up and clear away for events.
  • Helping to organise social events.
  • Helping in any other way such as corporate match funding or using your skills and contacts to help in anyway!

What sort of events do the School Association organise?
Although last year has been affected greatly by the pandemic, as life starts to get back to normal we will revert to our core events.  These are:

  • The annual summer fair - our biggest event and requires lots of help from parents and carers.
  • School Christmas cards
  • School discos and movie nights
  • Mulled wine and mince pies
  • Quiz and curry nights
  • Whitton Lights stall and St Georges Day stall
  • Cake sales
  • Easter Egg Tombola
  • Trip to Kidabulous
  • Money club

We want to organise more family orientated events and welcome ideas from everyone.

Get in touch!
If you would like to become more involved in the School Association activities then please do contact us, we’d love to hear from you.  You can email us at

Privacy Notice and Consent Form

School Association Privacy Notice

Consent Form

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