Online Safety

At Bishop Perrin CE Primary School we aim to embed online safety across the curriculum.

Online safety is taught as part of our computing curriculum and covered within PSHE lessons. We strive to develop the children’s understanding of the potential dangers as well as the positive aspect of using devices with online functions. Children are taught how to use technology safely, respectfully and responsibly and they learn how to seek help or report concerns that they may have when using the internet and technology. All the children at Bishop Perrin School sign an Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) which is appropriate for their age. Children are expected to follow the guidelines whenever they are online and using devices at school, and hopefully adopt the same behaviours when using the internet at home.

Please see below the online safety schemes of work for each year group.

Scheme of Work Year 1

Scheme of Work Year 2

Scheme of Work Year 3

Scheme of Work Year 4

Scheme of Work Year 5

Scheme of Work Year 6


Acceptable Use Policies for Bishop Perrin Pupils


All children at Bishop Perrin School are taught about the appropriate use of technology and the internet for when they at school and home. This guidance is shared with them in our Acceptable Use Policies (AUP) for Key Stage 1 and for Key Stage 2 and they are asked to sign the AUP to say that they will abide by the guidance. Please click the links below to see our AUPs

Reception Class Acceptable Use Policy

KS1 Acceptable Use Policy

KS2 Acceptable Use Policy


Online safety for parents

Acceptable Use Policy for Parents

We are keen to support parents by providing as much information about online safety as possible. This might include the offer of parent workshops or sharing online safety advice via our website and newsletter. We encourage you to explore the links below which provide excellent information and tips to help you support your child and family with online safety at home.

With some families now accessing online tutors to help and support their child with their learning at home, it is worth having a look at this poster with sound guidance and advice about engaging with an online tutor: Online Tutors – Keeping children Safe

You might want to use the Digital Family Agreement template to draw up your own family agreement on the use of technology at home so that everyone has a clear understanding of its use. Please click on this link to open up the Digital Family Agreement documents for you to download and print off: Digital Family Agreement

thinkuknow ages 4-7

thinkuknow - activities for children of all ages: 4-7, 8-10 and 11-18

Childnet - Helping make the internet a great and safe place for children and young people

BBC Online Safety - Keep your kids safe on the internet with these easy-to-follow tips from the BBC for computers, phones and tablets

Safety Centre - The 'Our Safety Centre' Hub is designed to provide you  wuth online safety information and advice that is easy to access and simple to understand



Safety Centre - The ‘Our Safety Centre’ hub is designed to provide you with online safety information and advice that is easy to access and simple to understand.

The ‘Our Safety Centre’ hub is designed to provide you with online safety information and advice that is easy to access and simple to understand.

Use the short videos and step-by-step prompt cards to ensure you have a safer online experience.



Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 6th February 2024

Safer Internet Webpage

Safer Internet Day 2024 is celebrated on 6th February 2024, with thousands of people across the UK working together to champion youth voice and engage in conversations about how we can all work together to make the internet a great and safe place.


Safer Internet Day is a great opportunity to focus on online safety with your child, whatever their age. This year’s theme is all about change and influence online.  There are a range of pages to help you talk about these issues and ideas with your child, no matter how much time you have and in an age-appropriate way.  Please watch this video for more information: