Governors' Maintenance Fund

Bishop Perrin CE Primary School is a voluntary aided school, which means that some of the school's income needs to be generated through voluntary contributions. The governors ask parents to make a donation (currently £40 per academic year for the first child and then £36 for any siblings) to help meet the committments the school must make to the Diocese, who own and maintain the school building. 

By enabling the governors to meet their financial commitments to the diocese, the school benefits from significant contributions to the up-keep and maintenance of the building. Some examples of works carried out by the diocese as a result of contributions to the governor fund include; the reconfiguration of our reception classroom, installation of new lighting to classrooms, contributions to a secure boundary fence, the refurbishment and upgrading of the girls' and boys' infant toilets and the building of the school kitchen. 

Most donations made to the governors' maintenance fund can be Gift Aided, allowing the governors to supplement the school budget for the maintenance and upkeep of the building.

Voluntary contributions can be made by cheque or standing order. We encourage parents to set up a standing order to pay for their contribution as it helps budget the amount over the course of 12 months (for example paying the £40 contribution over 12 months equates to £3.33 per month).

If you have any questions about the governors' maintenance fund, please speak to a member of staff in the office. You can download the governors' maintenance fund standing order form and the Gift Aid form by clicking on the links below.

Standing Order Form 

Gift Aid Form

Governors Maintenance Fund Policy

We are very grateful to the generosity of our parents and the financial help they provide for the school. Parents are of course more than welcome to donate more than the recommended amount if they are able to do so.