Secondary School Transfer Information

The following information and documents will help you to understand the process for applying to secondary school for your child:

Addmisions to Richmond's Secondary  Schools Guide

Richmond Schools Brochure 

AfC Guide 


Please read the information carefully and take note of key dates as there is no room for error when submitting your preferences.

We encourage parents to look at the websites of the schools that their children might be interested in first to get a feel for the school and then plan for no more than 3-4 visits to the schools that their children have shown an interest in. Where possible, we ask that children attend open evenings rather than open mornings as this is less disruptive to their learning.


Children in Year 5 should attend open evenings at the schools they are interested in and can then follow up attending open mornings, if needed, when they are in Year 6.  We will not authorise attendance of Year 5 children who go to open mornings as there is scope to do this when they are in Year 6.  Absence will be authorised for children in Year 6 attending open mornings, but please notify us in advance that your child will be absent and which school they are visiting.


Some Year 6 parents might be considering applying to selective (independent/grammar) schools for their child. Many selective schools will ask for a written reference from the child’s primary school as part of their selection process, so please be aware that as part of our Charging and Remissions Policy, Bishop Perrin School will make a charge of £30 for each written reference requested by a selective secondary school. The cost of this charge is in place to cover the administrative costs the school incurs for facilitating the reference and compensation for the time required by the teacher who has to complete the reference.


Parents of children who live outside the London Borough of Richmond-Upon-Thames will need to get in touch with the admissions department for their home borough for more information about applying for a state secondary school place.  Information about applying to secondary school in the London Borough of Hounslow can be found here:


If you have any questions or queries about any aspect of this email, please do not hesitate to get in touch. However, we would encourage any detailed enquiry to be directed to


Please see listed below the different schools that children from Year 6 transferred to in September 2023:

Turing House (7)

Christ’s School (1)

The Green School for Boys (1)

The Richmond upon Thames School (3)

Heathland School (3)

Waldegrave School (4)

Radnor House (1)

St Richard Reyonlds (1)

Teddington (1)

Springwest Academy (1)

St Mark's (1)

Twickenham School (1)

Latymer Upper School (1)