Remote Learning

In line with the national government guidance on how schools should deliver remote learning in the event of children having to isolate at home or the school having to close, we have created a model to support children and parents to learn from home. The school will use Google Classroom and Google Meets as the platform to deliver remote learning, along with high quality work books and resources.

The children are familiar with the remote learning 'Codes of Conducts' that will help and support them if they have to be at home.

Children can access all remote learning using their personal G-Suite login details. Their username will be a combination of their surname, their first initial and a number plus .318. This is then followed by and their password (which is in their reading log/homework diary).

All 'live' sessions take place via Google Meets ( and work and activities are shared with children through Google Classroom (

Parents should contact the school as soon as possible if they are experiencing any challenges or issues with their children accessing their remote learning.

Parent Guide

KS1 Pupil Code of Conduct Remote Learning

KS2 Pupil Code of Conduct Remote Learning