Year 1 Class Page


We are Endurance Class - our class value is ENDURANCE.

Year 1 – a fantastic year filled with lots fun opportunities to learn new things!

Year 1  is an  exciting and interesting year with chances to learn about lots of fascinating things. 

We will explore six new themes: 

ME, MYSELF AND I - in this theme we will learn all about ourselves, our bodies and our senses. We will find out about the history of our school and learn to make some delicious healthy fruit kebabs. 

A SMALL ISLAND - in this theme we will learn all about the United Kingdom. We will learn about England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland and learn how to sketch and paint their national flowers. 

A KNIGHT'S TALE - in this theme we will learn all about castles and how they were designed and built. We will learn about the Battle of Hastings and visit a castle not too far away - Windsor Castle!

ENCHANTED FOREST - in this theme we will learn all about different plants and trees in our local environment. We will read traditional tales and have a go at writing our own fairytales. 

TOY STORY -  in this theme, we will be learning how toys have changed over time. We will be learning about the creation of the teddy bears and Theodore Roosevelt. We will be making our own toy cars out of plastics bottles and look at the different materials used to make toys. We will also be comparing toys from different parts of the world.

THE BLUE PLANET  - in this theme we will learn all about beaches, cliffs, seas, oceans and rivers. Exploring materials and their properties, perticularly flaoting and sinking. 


Throughout the year we will read and enjoy lots of different books. We have a key class text linked to each of the themes we are studying. It is very helpful if you have your own copy of the book to bring into school to read along, but we can provide you with a copy if you don't have one. These are the books we will be reading and enjoying as part our English lessons:

  • Me, Myself and I: A celebration of Children Everywhere – Moira Butterfield and Harriet Lynas, Amazing Grace –  Mary Hoffman, Handa’s Surprise – Eileen Browne
  • A Small Island: Beegu - Alexis Deacon, The Man on the Moon - Simon Bartram, Baboon on the Moon (short film)
  • A Knight's Tale: The Girl in the Castle inside the Museum - Kate Bernheimer, George and the Dragon – Christopher Wormell
  • Enchanted Forest: The Extraordinary Gardener – Sam Boughton, Once Upon a World - scheme of fairy tales
  • Toy Story: Traction Man – Mini Grey
  • The Blue Planet: The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch - Ronda Armitage and David Armitage, Dear Greenpeace - Simon James

Click here for some suggestions for some books you might enjoy reading at home.

Life Skills

Children in Year 1, can you:

  • fasten or tie your own shoelaces?
  • fasten your own buttons when getting dressed?
  • hand in any letters or homework to your teacher?

Ready to Learn - click here for some suggestions for ways in which you can be ready to learn every day in Year 1.