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Our class Spiritual Value is REVERENCE.

There is lots to learn in Year 4. You will travel back in history to the Romans and the Tudors and follow Dorothy down the yellow brick road to Oz!

In Year 4 we will learn through six different themes: Hail Caesar, Chembakolli, Follow the Yellow Brick Road, The Terrible Tudors, Save the Planet and How does your garden grow? We will visit the Verulamium Museum in St Albans on a quest to find out about the Romans and go to Hampton Court to learn about the Tudors. At Christmas, along with Year 3, our class will participate in a Carol Service at St Augustine’s Church which involves lots of singing and acting! 

In Year 4, you will have PE on Tuesday and on Friday.  Always make sure you have your full PE kit in school on these days.  It is also very important that you have you school reading diary with you every day.  Homework will be set on Mondays which you will hand in the following Monday.  This homework will be an online maths challenge and a reading comprehension or a grammar and punctuation task.  You must practise the timestables and your spellings every week.  The timestables test will be on Tuesday and the spelling test will be on Monday.  Each term you will be asked to complete an independent project linked to the theme which you will work on at home over four or five weeks.


THEMES Hail Caesar You will look at key events during the Roman period and research aspects of Roman and Celtic life. You will analyse the impact of the Roman invasion on Britain and use a range of sources to find out information. You will also design and make a Roman shield and mosaic! You will learn about forces and focus on friction.

Chembakolli You will be learning about Chembakolli, a small village in India. You will find out about the landscape and climate and what life is like in the village, for example looking at homes, schools and jobs. Through this, you will make comparisons between Chembakolli and the UK. You will cook Indian recipes and design and make Indian block prints.

Follow the Yellow Brick Road You will learn about rocks and fossils and will compare and group materials together, according to whether they are a solid, liquid or gas. You will investigate how materials change state when they are heated or cooled. You will learn how to mix colours and created your own Emerald City!

The Terrible Tudors You will be learning about different Tudor monarchs and the everyday lives of men, women and children from different sections of society. In particular, you will find out about Henry VIII and his wives. You will paint your own Holbein image of Henry VIII and sew Tudor purses.

Save the Planet You will learn all about recycling and recyclable materials and how we can save the planet! You will find out about different ways to protect the environment. You will investigate magnets and magnetic materials and design and create your own recycling machine.

How does your garden grow? You will identify the different parts of a plant and describing the function of each part. You will look at the part that flowers play in the life cycle of flowering plants, including pollination, seed formation and seed dispersal. You will look closely at different plants and flowers and make close observational drawings of them.

READING Throughout the year we will read lots of different books. The following list shows you the main book for each theme:

  • The Roman Beanfeast by Gillian Cross- Hail Caesar
  • Traditional Indian Tales- Chembakolli
  • The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum- Follow the Yellow Brick Road
  • Henry VIII’s Wives by Alison Prince- The Terrible Tudors
  • One World by Michael Foreman- Save the Planet
  • The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgeson- How does your garden grow?

Click here for recommendations of other books you may enjoy reading.

READY TO LEARN Click here for some helpful advice for being ready to learn.

LIFE SKILLS Can you get your own PE kit/school bag/equipment ready? Can you help make your own lunch? Can you clean out your own lunch box?

Year 4's Work

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