Year 5 Class Page


Our class value is SERVICE.

Welcome to Year 5 – an exhilarating year with lots of new opportunities to excel.

Year 5 is an inspiring but busy year, packed full of new opportunities to excel both in and out of the classroom. In Year 5 we will learn through six different themes: Crime and Punishment; Dragon's Den; What Have the Victorians Done for Us?; Heartbeat; Creeping Coasts and Ancient Greece. 


Crime and Punishment  We will learn about how crime and punsihment has changed through the ages, including learning about famous highwaymen and women and create charcoal sketches based upon our learning. 

Dragon's Den We will learn about different industries around the UK and how we trade with other countries. We will also study fairtrade.

What have the Victorians Done for Us? We will learn about life in the Victorian era and look at how transport and travel developed during this time. We will learn about electricity and make some of our own circuits, before using this knowledge to design and make our own torches. 

Heartbeat We will learn about the human body, focusing on the heart and the lungs. We will plan and complete our own experiments based on pulse rates and learn about how to keep healthy through exercise and diet. We will learn how to cross-stitch so that we can make our own family crests. We will explore some of Shakespeare's most famous works and learn to play some instruments from this time.

Creeping Coasts We will learn about how coasts change over time and then see this in action when we visit the Isle of Wight. We will learn about the life-cycles of different creatures and compare this to the life-cycle of plants. We will spend some more time learning to use watercolours and create some beautiful pictures of the Isle of Wight.

Ancient Greece We will learn all about the achievements of the Ancient Greeks, spending time looking at the things they enjoyed doing and the influence they had on life today. We will learn to work with clay and create our own clay tile showing a scene from a Greek myth.


Throughout the year we will read and enjoy lots of different books. We have a key class text linked to each of the themes we are studying. It is very helpful if you have your own copy of the book to bring into school to read along, but we can provide you with a copy if you don't have one. These are the books we will be reading and enjoying as part our English lessons:

  • Crime and Punishment: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde - Robert Louis Stevenson, The Highwayman - Alfred Noyes
  • Dragon's Den: Kick - Mitch Johnson
  • What did the Victorians do for us?: Street Child - Berlie Doherty
  • Heartbeat: Pig-heart Boy - Malorie Blackman, Romeo and Juliet - William Shakespeare
  • Creeping Coasts: When the Whales Came - Michael Morpurgo
  • Amazing Africa: The Children of the Benin Kingdom - Dinah Orji

Click here for some suggestions for other books you may enjoy reading.


Click here for some helpful advice for being ready to learn.


Children in Year 5, can you:

  • get your own PE kit/school bag/equipment ready?
  • help make your own lunch?
  • clean out your own lunch box?

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