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Our class value is FORGIVENESS.

Welcome to the Juniors. This year you will be exploring tropical rainforests, travelling back in time to ancient worlds and at the end of the year you will even become a secret agent!

In Year 3 we will learn through six different themes: Rainforest Rescue; The Stone Age; Food Glorious Food; Egyptology; Rise of the Robots; and Spy Kids. We will visit London Zoo to see some unusual rainforest animals and go to the British Museum to look at lots of ancient mummies! At Christmas, along with Year 4, our class will take a leading role in a Carol Service at St Augustine’s Church.

In Year 3, you will have PE on Monday and Thursday.  Always make sure you have your full PE kit in school on these days.  It is also very important that you have your school reading diary with you every day. Reading books will be changed on Tuesday and Thursday. Homework will be set on Mondays which you will hand in the following Monday.  This homework will be an online maths challenge and a reading comprehension or a grammar and punctuation task.  You must practise the timestables and your spellings every week.  The timestables test and spelling test will be on Monday.  Each term you will be asked to complete an independent project linked to the theme which you will work on at home over four or five weeks.

THEMES Rainforest Rescue You will learn where the world’s rainforests are and why they are so important. You will look at rainforest animals and plants. You will also find out why the rainforests need to be saved and how we can help save them. You will explore the work of the artist Henri Rousseau and make collages.

The Stone Age You will learn what life was like in the Stone Age, for example what people ate and what people wore . You will also find out what an archaeologist does. Do you know people used to live in caves? You will be making your own Stone Age cave out of clay.

Food Glorious Food How can you keep healthy? You will be learning about different ways of keeping healthy, such as eating a balanced diet. You will learn about teeth and you will investigate what different liquids can do to your teeth. You will design and make a healthy sandwich.

Egyptology You will learn about the importance of the River Nile in ancient Egypt and find out information about pyramids and mummies. You will make an Egyptian death mask and learn how to write your name in Hieroglyphics. In Science you will investigate which salts are good for making mummies.

Rise of the Robots In this theme you will identify electrical appliances that run on electricity and design and make simple series circuits using bulbs, switches and insulators and conductors.  You will design and make a model which needs an electrical circuit to work. 

Spy Kids You will investigate light and shadows including why we need light; how and when light is reflected; what happens when light is blocked and look for patterns in the way shadows change.  You will learn about sun safety. You will use digital cameras to capture, store, retrieve and edit images. You will even become a spy….


Throughout the year we will read lots of different books. The following list shows you the main book for each theme:

  • Rainforest Rescue by J Burchett and S Vogler – Rainforest Rescue
  • Time Hunters: Stone Age Rampage by Chris Blake – The Stone Age
  • Horrid Henry Tricks the Tooth Fairy by Francesca Simon – Food Glorious Food
  • Ancient Egypt Tales of Gods and Pharaohs retold and illustrated by Marcia Williams - Egyptology
  • The Iron Man by Ted Hughes – Rise of the Robots
  • Secret Agent Jack Stalwart: Book 5: the Secret of the Sacred Temple: Cambodia by Elizabeth Singer Hunt – Spy Kids
  • Click here for recommendations of other books you may enjoy reading.


READY TO LEARN Click here for some helpful advice for being ready to learn.

LIFE SKILLS Can you tie your own tie? Can you pack your school bag every day? Can you hand your homework in on time?

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